Summer Physical Activity and Friendships

This project is funded by the Baylor University Research Committee in collaboration with two Boys & Girls Clubs to examine the role of summer care on friendship and physical activity over a summer. This longitudinal study aims to add to the literature surrounding the decrease in activity over summer and elaborate on the role friends play in physical activity behavior. The role of sex and gender will also be examined in the differences in friend groups and activity may change as children move through adolescence.


  • Grant Writing

  • Data Collection

  • Social Network Data Analysis

  • Manuscript Preparation

  • Community Partner cultivation and reporting

Tyler Prochnow
PhD Candidate and Research Assistant

My research interests include social network analysis and health behavior.


Introduction: Adolescent physical activity (PA) is associated with many health benefits; yet, many adolescents are less active during …

BACKGROUND and PURPOSE Adolescents’ physical activity (PA) behaviors are greatly impacted by their social environment. Peer support is …

BACKGROUND and PURPOSE Physical activity (PA) attainment is associated with many health and developmental benefits for adolescents. …